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a little about us

Steve Sivulka is the CEO, senior software engineer, and owner of Akluvis. He has endless experience in programming, web based businesses, database design, and interface design. He single handily started and maintained StupidVideos.com until 2005 when he sold it after it became the 4th largest streaming website on the Internet. Steve and his wife, Dianne, came up with our new flagship site, Easysite.com. In his free time, Steve enjoys, well, programming... Besides that, he loves hanging out with his amazing boys, Elijah, and Joseph, and his wife. But it all comes down the HTML for Steve, he can't get enough of it.
Robbie Hirsch is the Creative Director and Flash developer for Akluvis. He has been doing graphic design since 1999 and has experience in Flash development, motion graphics, print, and web. Robbie does most of the looks or themes and the Flash development behind some of the features for our flagship site Easysite.com. When he's not designing he spends an inordinate amount of time doing logic proofs and reading contemporary analytic metaphysics and epistemology.
Will Wilson is a software engineer for Akluvis. He has been programming since he was young on Atari's, but got serious five years ago when Steve started training him web development, interface design, and database design. He has worked on various projects for Akluvis, including programming behind CornerstoneSensors.com and SearchableSermons.com.